Rates and Insurance


  • Phone Calls and Messaging–$0
  • Individual Therapy Session–$125
  • Family Therapy Session–$150
  • Intake Assessment–$250


Teletherapy is covered by most insurances. Please fill out your insurance information in the Secure Client Portal upon registration and I will verify benefits and advocate for your insurance to cover these services.


  • Individual therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes long and focus on individual development between the self and emotions/thoughts.
  • Family therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes long and focus on the interactions and relationships between two or more people. These services are aimed at creating meaningful relationships.
  • Intake Assessments are typically 90 minutes. These services are clinical in nature. They are for determining your care needs and making the appropriate community supports for you in your area. It is important to match your care needs and treatment planning in order to best serve you.
  • Phone calls and messaging services are to support you to verify your connection to Agape Counseling’s secure platform. Phone calls between session are also available. Expect a phone conversation to last up to 10 minutes. Phone services between sessions are to support clients with their session homework and to practice an intervention with support. Should a conversation require a longer time frame, I will suggest scheduling a separate session so I can meet your needs and work with you in a therapeutic manner.

Please feel free to contact me now if you have questions about the therapy process: admin@canopybehavioralhealth.com.