Family Therapy

What is Family Therapy?

First, it is imperative to recognize that each person is born into a family system, and this system is not always made up of “genetic relatives.” As a family therapist, I am trained to observe family interactions and relationships in service of supporting your family to make changes that allow your family members to function together through difficult life events (i.e. divorce, parenting difficulties, and behavior concerns). Family therapy treats the entire family or a portion of the family (marriage) that is struggling to function well. Often life events or family member differences require family therapy in order to re-establish or build value-congruent interactions.


I practice acceptance and commitment family therapy. I support families in connecting with their thoughts and feelings in order to engage their values. Once values are identified and family members can begin to understand one another, I establish connections between family members to develop healthy interactions with their own emotions and then to connect with others by practicing value-based behaviors.


My training and experience is directed at working with marriages to build healthy connections or to separate from marriage in service of another value.

I also specialize in neurodevelopmental diversity (autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, Down syndrome, behavioral disorders, etc.). Treatment is typically structured to supporting continued skill growth between family members. Parenting children and working with adult children are complex issues in themselves. We can begin there and work on building relationships and developmental growth within your family according to your family’s values.