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Agape Counseling is evolving!

We are now Canopy Behavioral Health.

Our approach to wellness, therapy, and our values remain the same.

Our new website is under construction, and will launch this summer. In the meantime, please continue to use this website. You will be automatically redirected to the new website when it is complete.

Welcome to Agape Counseling. I provide specialized teletherapy services in an easy-to-use online format in order to serve others. Teletherapy has many benefits that traditional therapy cannot match, namely the ability to access treatment at your convenience on your schedule. Teletherapy can cut out travel time, time off work, and ultimately expense from the client’s end.

In treatment I create an inviting and open space for you to do your treatment and to move into the rest of your day with a renewed sense worth and purpose. Whether you desire convenience, privacy, the comfort of your own home, connecting without travel barriers, or feel uncomfortable or marginalized in the traditional counseling setting, my practice was built with you in mind.